13 January 2009



1st off all I like to appologise to all especially to those who follow this blog because did't update this blog in quite a long time. I can't update this blog because I'm back to my hometown (PERAK) for the semester break and buzy working and helping at my Mom bakery. Aslo now I can't update my blog with my Gundam kit modeling project because i need to focus more to my study, this because of my result last semester...(it's really s**k). All this happen because of my own fault that i can't manage my time correctly, I "play" more than i should...SORRY GUYS...

This time I only want to post my finish work off HAZEL CUSTOM that i mod for Malaysia BAKUC 2008 entries.

I will still continue do modeling job because this is my hobby... ;)

Thats all the new pic off my HAZEL CUSTOM GUNDAM.....
stay tune.....

p/s : (out off topic) 
::...GOD...please save LAND of PALESTINE, please save all kid, woman, man, old folks, and the land....please let them feel peace and free from war like us.....GOD, only You have the power to do more than we hope and pray.......please stop the war, we can't stand seeing the land fill with blood of innocent people and kid, give them chance like You give us, give the kid chance to grow and see Your creation, let them see and feel it in better way the world You have create...::


Janus Lu January 13, 2009 at 9:06 PM  

Nice job man. Love the detail at the backpack. God bless the world, no war no cry.

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